Trek marlin 29er singlespeed 2011 Trek Marlin Single Speed 29er (Gary Fisher)

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I have had better luck with Specialized and Giant brands. Before dropping some serious cash on my first 29er I pulled the trigger on this bike. The chain slacked up during one ride and the adjuster bolts felt as though I was going to rip them off their mounts when I tried to adjust. I upgraded grips, crankset, wheels, tires, chain, and fork and it's made all the difference in the world.

Stem, bar and grips are very basic.

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Buy this if you are bored. No in the same league as XT's but if you pull hard enough they will do the job in all but the most difficult of downhill sections.

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Got one of these a few years ago. When I went to a Trek store they told me to go to the hardware store and get locktite and new treks marlin. Ive been wanting to try two things for a while now 29er's and single speed mtb's. After getting the bike back, the only thing i noticed was the brakes had been adjusted a tad bit for response. Perfectly tigged in Taiwan.

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The Marlin SS conversely promotes confidence and allows me to take more risks with no perception of power loss. Love the frame and the ride, the brakes are terrible. The only things left "stock" on it are the wheels and seatpost.

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It really begs to be slammed over in the turns. Even locked out, the fork clunks when you hit any bump. The non-driveside has set screws to keep the wheel from moving both forward from chain pull and backward from braking forces.

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It just plain works frauen kennenlernen aus ukraine long as you keep the fork locked out. Honestly, though, this bike is priced appropriately; it's way too fun AND compliments my full suspension 26er quite well. I plan to upgrade those as well.

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The bike requires true effort and will challenge its rider to dig deep into his or her well to discover what is or is not there.

I trek marlin 29er singlespeed like I have the best of both worlds now. Frame, saddle, fast Weaknesses: June 4, Strengths: The freewheel is very very bad.

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Submitted by lamar83 a Weekend Warrior Date Reviewed: The stock brakes are fine but sketchy on downhill sections. I think it rode männer aus schweden kennenlernen well as bike costing much more.

All I expected was a simple and generally decent bike, similar in quality to the Specialized X4 level bike I bought for my daughter as a get-around bike.

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Managed to get some Reba forks off an X-Caliber, the model up, so mantained the G2 geometry. Their customer service is terrible. Even the garbage brakes once tweaked perform extremely well and predictably considering their poor rep. gutschein juli 2016

Mile munch the crap out of it then upgrade if you like rolling on wagons. Frame, handlebars, price, easy to upgrade Weaknesses: Lost faith in LBS and friend and i started replacing everything

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